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Seek & U Shall Find (“Snoopy”)

Getting in my Mojo for the day, and I #Google the interview from Love & Hip Hop’s Chrissy Lampkin squashing infidelity rumors about rapper beau Jim Jones.   I truly respect her standpoint of being a woman who is well kept, and trusting her man to keep her house a happy home leaving all the TRASH outside of the door.

Playing “Snoop Doggy Dog” looking through texts and social network seems like it’s a growing epidemic for some partners.I assume your intuition played a part. It’s like a battle between your heart and its emotions VS. your mind (voice of logic and reason). I have to admit though, finding what you DON’T want should only prompt you to figure out what you DESERVE. I can be a #REALB enough to admit I’ve done it! Suspicions felt, justified me snooping, but eh…Once I found what I didn’t want, I bet I didn’t have to do it again.

I asked one of my respected male friends about the topic. Of course that’s a no go, according to him! It’s like taking a piece of a man’s manhood and by the facial expressions expressed after I posed the question, he stated  that maybe previous relationship pattern history and trust issues would be a reason for justifying the act of snooping. Suspicions should be shot down by asking for the truth and receiving the truth. If entertaining dishonesty, realize that you’re still being lied to; which follows through with pursuit of the snoop effect—(now you’re looking alll crazy!)

Confrontation should occur if you have taken the liberty to snoop. When I’ve played my role of “Snoop Doggy Dog” I had to basically decide how I wanted to deal with it. State the issue at hand so there is no confusion(this is what I know, this is what I saw, this is what I want to know). I have had the whole “insecure” word thrown out afterwards, but reality is that insecurity would be based off of infidelity. (it doesn’t have to be physical, it can be emotional as well). If it turned to a denial, I left. #KNOWYOURWORTH

If it’s worth repairing, by all means do it…if it’s not KEEP IT MOVIN.

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I love that Trey Songz song but, doesn’t Sex coincide with love? What a great round table discussion for me and my girls. Talking to people who are single, married, in relationships and of course, the “in betweeners” (we together, but we ain’t together) makes this topic bigger than my blog, but I tried to narrow it down as best as I can.

My #SEXandtheCitySanAntonio ladies all agree that SEX is needed and wanted by both men or women; but, can everybody handle it when emotions become involved? That’s the posed question. Lust is the physical attraction that builds up to sex; but, some tend to confuse great sex with love. Lust can either grow into love or remain at a standstill.

 Me, I’m a hopeless romantic who loves to be in love and hopes that it never leaves me (when I do find it). Love is like a rubber band. Its elastic, it stretches out (sometimes too thin) but if it’s true, it will always go back to 50/50. Getting to know your partner, yourself and your relationship (whatever status it is) will make the “rubber band” effect of the relationship more balanced. “Tell me what’s real so I know how to deal with you”. Quote #SexandtheCitySanAntonio cause we said dat!

All three have different definitions but in conjunction can make a great relationship foundation. Building a long term relationship, you need all three to balance and grow with your partner. It feels good when you can be with somebody long-term, and they still look at you as if it were the first time they laid eyes on you all over. If two people can still keep the sexual desire for “motion in the ocean”, then rock the boat baby!

If nothing in life is perfect, and everything takes time…I expect to go through a few pains in order to build a foundation that will take a lustful emotion and expand it into a loving relationship.

Live Life in Moderation

Keri Hilson – Breaking Point

NOTHING  should ever distract u from being the best that you can in life. Making money, having money, or keeping it afloat as you make it to the next paycheck are essentially keys of balancing life and remaining equally leveled. (relationships, friends, habits, etc should not get in the way of keeping finances available and easily attainable)…This is America, no bill gets paid off of promises, or love…

It seems like happiness is an addiction. Too much of anything can be bad for you, they say everything needs moderation and dosages.

You can sleep TOO much, eat TOO much, think TOO much, love TOO much… (you get the idea)…being drunken off of whatever your addiction of choice is sometimes can impair your judgement.

 Happiness in full force is great, but it too needs moderation.

If you find yourself doing things in excess to keep that momentum and euphoria going…Channel yourself to exercise all of the other emotions and actions of the world before you allow yourself to completely be an idiot to your selfishness.(..if the world’s name was Burger King, then surely everything will be your way, and your way accordingly.)

Think of it like this, if we were allowed to feel completely how we wanted to with no rammifications other than our happiness in this world, you might as well tell me that you’re GOD….HE’s the only one who has that capability.

In the words of my dear friend in one of our “Sex in the City-San Antonio” moments:

“Rule #1 Never lose money chasing men/women,

Rule #2 Dont forget rule #1!”—@ShaniSweetz

(sometimes love is happiness…getting lost in someone affects your true desire to get ahead because you’re so focused on “we” instead of “me”. Funny how things can change with the thought of “emotion”)


I feel like I have a pretty general idea or consensus of topics to talk about, but at some point as the reader, I would like to know, what is it that you would like to have me blog about?

What questions do you have that we can explore? 

Please feel free to comment the blog and I will get with you to conjure up more blogs that have more insight.



If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. – Winston Churchill

I find it very easy to do the wrong things with no thought, question or concern and yet the right things seems like the hardest part of life to some.

Time is the key to life. I was once told that you are basically living everyday to die. This sounded all kinds of freakish, but when you put it into perspective, I get it! From the time you were born, you’re ready to die. Every step in life is gearing you towards just that. Time is the essence of life, and it makes your world go round. Think about how much time you do or don’t have according to how you spend your days….

I used to probably be one of the smartest procrastinators I know. (contravening to the statement, it is possible to be both) I used to pride about being able to succeed at everything I attempted simply because if it appeared to show some sort of success, then in my mind, I’ve conquered defeat. No matter how much I love being the person who doesn’t study to get “good” results, I’ve encountered that smarter people who apply skills  get “great” results. (at least in this case)

…anyone can be good, but a PROFESSIONAL is going to sharpen skills in life to be better than just average.

I had to take my own advice. I purchased calendars, planners, and anything leadership or organization oriented to keep me under wraps with trying to enhance my entrepreneurial mindset.(Which has worked surprisingly well thusfar.) Perhaps if I had taken TIME,  the outcome of success might have proven to be different.

Time also correlates with money. This is something we need to survive (I don’t care what anybody says, in this day in age it’s the one powerful thing that separates “haves” and “have nots” somehow in our society.) When you PLAN to do things with your TIME, you will see the difference in how things come together. Work diligently, your paycheck will reflect that.

Overall, the key word in all of this is PLAN. Plan to be the success you desire to be in life.

“Always plan ahead. It wasn’t raining when Noah built the ark.” Richard C. Cushing


Live your Life with No Regrets

Sitting at my desk, i’m thinking about relationships. (I suppose the quote I shared yesterday that happens to be glaring at me as we speak would be the reason as to why)

It reads as follows:

“In the end, we only regret the chances we didn’t take, relationships we are afraid to have, and the decisions we waited too long to make”

The word “regret” is defined as the emotion sensed for feeling sorry or sad about a person, place or thing (after an event took place)

It can can appear to be hurtful by others as well….

“Chances not taken”, I can understand how regret ties to this somehow. If you do try and fail, you don’t feel good about the outcome. If you don’t try, you feel inadequate because your mind allowed the “shouldda,couldda, wouldda, but didn’t scenario to take over your brain .

“Relationships we are afraid to have”, if you don’t try, try again, and after that, keep trying til you win, you will always be a sore love loser. Love hurts….bottom line. Not intentionally and not all the time. When you have two people trying to become one soul intertwined, someone is the distributor and one will receive the aftermath of. That’s why it pays to “Be Full”, remember happy people stay full. If you’re happy, your relationships are good.

1Corinthians  talks about the beautiful side of love….

If you take life quizzes and “charge it to the pain”, when the true test of love comes you’ll pass with flying colors. Love takes strength and only the strong survive 😉

“Decisions that took too long to take”, kinda like musical chairs…If you don’t make moves or attempt to, someone is going to have the heart to beat you to the punch of trying. You can’t be afraid to try. If you fail, be persistent enough to restructure ur plan, rebuild your foundation and get back up again….

Be Full…

“A full life…”

That was a post by Evelyn Lozada a few weeks ago. I’m glaring at a picture that contains a zesty turquoise background with a cup of what I conveyed as being life, poured full.

Your life consists of everything around you…Grab a deck, shuffle, and distribute. That’s the game of life and everybody gets dealt hands (some better hands than others).

Nonetheless we are dealt something…and it may not be the

greatest hand, but with every breath of life you breathe is a chance to change whatever it is that’s not keeping your life as full as it can be at all times. Happy people stay full!

Hell, fake it ’til u make it if you have to (people kill to see misery). I mean if trouble doesn’t last always anyways, then certainly smile ’til Joy comes in the morning!


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