Month: May 2012

Beyonce’ Rumored to be PREGNANT again.. #WHEW

I’ma be real and say i just don’t know how real this is…but I wouldn’t mind another publicity run with the lovely stylish diva and her baby bump!!!! My good friend Frankie Thomas aka Frankie T. aka #TeamFrankie looked out for me on this Beyonce’ information.

I hear that she hasn’t been drinking her favorite wine and taking Folic Acid…. the wine…lol smh she could just be dieting! That rabbit diet  of lettuce water and treadmills  O_o NO MAAM!

EVERYBODY that knows me knows i LOOOOVE me some Beyonce’ 😉

I’ve been itching to cover the story about her pregnancy. So many people had so much to say about her pregnancy and if she had a surrogate mother…WHO CARES though??? But personally I gooed and gawed at several pregnancy pictures posted from beautiful Blue Ivy, and I BELIEVE she did give birth(Hell, I wasn’t there).

“Nothing can describe the feeling. You have the instant connection once you know your child is growing inside you, but when you hold it for the first time, the words can’t be found,” Beyonce told Star Magazine U.K. about Blue Ivy.

“They see no reason to wait. It took them a while to conceive Blue Ivy, so they don’t want to waste another second,” a source told Star Magazine.

“I definitely want to have more [children]! I don’t know how many. God knows I don’t know yet,” Beyonce recently told E! News.

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An educated male friend of mine with no children, a great secured job, and financial stability decided to reach out to me on the post about Deadbeat Parents yesterday….I felt the need to share it feel free to give feedback as well:

He states:

“I don’t care if you a grown ass man or woman you still a kid if you immature and irresponsible. “

Women, for thos attracted to the bad boy with swagger or whatever[it is]. You know he running the street when you layed with him but you want him to stop and be responsible now???

Or [how ’bout]the girls who having babies by a n*gga already not taking care of one of his kids…. Now he suppose to take care of yours??? The nigga barely take your ass to McDonald’s but you want him to be able to support a family??? [GET REAL]

Women pick these men or shall I say lil ‘ girls pick these little boys to have a family thinking its going to be just like playing house or some other f*cking fairy tale she sold to herself or he did. I don’t like that victim role cause it takes two to tango.

We all got to live with the consequences of our decisions.

I hate I hate I hate selfish mothers. That goes against every natural instinct a woman has. Her whole purpose in human evolution is to provide for those children until they can provide for themselves. A mother should be the primary defense against the world for her child. Nothing, including another man should come between that bond or put her child in danger.

I’m not through….

Men suck ass these days. Whoever started this viscious cycle really f*cked sh*t up. [Probably] raised in a family without a man so why would they think its necessary for them to be in their house. It’s an option. Women can’t raise men.

Y’all spoil the sh*t out of us way too long. Babying the shit out of men/boys way too long. Hit that nigga in his chest!

  As great as an entertainer Lil Wayne is, I am sad that he is a role model for our youth. These are the men that teach our sons how to be a man because their father was not around or whatever excuse they may have. Men are boys and don’t actually grow up til much later than they or we use to. 

 Men suck. Women suck. Kids screwed. I wish better things for my people.

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I commend all of my single parents out there…this one’s for you!!! I love, respect and admire you. This is for my friend she is so amazing and her insight is beautiful. Take care of your kids, remember they will have to take care of you!

“I am tired of seeing fathers who think that paying child-support is there way of being a father and forget that it takes more than money. What about quality time, calling during the week, being there emotionally, mentally, physically, and not just financially?

Then you have the ones that are NOT there at all. Next you have the ones that think they don’t have to be there financially but want to see them physically whenever they see fit.

They don’t realize if you have three kids by three different mothers, something is wrong with that. Why not settle down and be monogamous so that their children can have a stable father in life instead of sharing time, or taking care of that one whose mother they are with at the time.

 Some women fit those categories too.There are some mothers that are so DESPERATE to find a man that they don’t even consider their kids emotional, mental, and physical stability. They sacrifice the childs HAPPINESS for their own happiness. There are women who don’t even use the child-support for the purpose of the child. For example, the mother is always dressed fly but her kids always looking a hot mess. I don’t care what I look like, but my boys are always going to look just as good if not better than me. They  really don’t realize that their children are a representation of who they are, and what type of mother they are.”

Thank you to my special friend. I appreciate you for allowing me to broadcast your life. 🙂

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Money can’t buy love, but it can afford a happy lifestyle. I totally believe that you can buy your happiness, but first you have to have the resources to be “Want” and “Need” proficient. How does your savings look?

“Laissez-faire ” the practice or doctrine of noninterference in the affairs of others, especially with reference to individual conduct or freedom of action. (

More than just a term used in History, It’s also a way of life that we should adapt to when it comes to money. I feel as if we would be happier if we took care of our needs FIRST and then satisfied our wants NEXT.

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you been in a predicament where you just have to have something, no matter the cost? We’re Americans…(we’re so spoiled) We want it when we want it, how we want it, all just to worry about the aftermath of in a latter event.

I have a hustle mentality and work tactic of slaving in overtime, but the “OUTCOME” of “INCOME” is so beautiful to me. If i have an overflow of overtime, that means that I EXCEEDED my regular hours…that means I HAVE MORE MONEY TO DO WHAT I WANT AND NEED…at the SAME time….so, for instance iBLOG, iWRITE… but in order for me to afford the “luxury” of building RealBdotcom… that’s where the “iWORK” comes into place.

It’s  euphoria to have your wants satisfied while your needs are met, but nothing is fun about stressing on how the rent will get paid if you’re one of the ones updating your “fresh swag”, smoking like 2 chainz, (extensions), or buying the newest next hottest thing on the market.  Money can make us happy if we spend it on the right things first.

Stay away from being a materialistic being. You can’t take any of those with you to Heaven (if that’s your goal)

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Human Papillomavirus is real, females are only half of the equation. There are 30 to 40 types of HPV that will affect an estimated 75% to 80% of males and females in their lifetime…according to my health guide…

HPV can clear on its own in MOST cases, but it can also turn into cervical CANCER in females and other types of HPV could cause GENITAL WARTS (no joke) in both males and females. THERE’S NO WAY TO PREDICT WHO WILL OR WONT CLEAR THE VIRUS!!!!

Gardasil is a vaccine that is on the market women and men use it to protect against HPV.  It’s the only vaccine that helps protect against 4 types of HPV. For women it can protect against 2 types of HPV that causes cervical cancer and 2 types for men  it protects against genital warts. It may not fully protect everyone, but use it in conjunction with protection please it will save you alot of trouble!

 WOMEN GO TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR!!!! it’s given as an injections over 6 months.



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Screwston To San Antonio Hustlin…

Hustlers I SEE YA!!!!

Beware…If you are looking to help a hustle and give a hand out…make sure you are giving away your hard earned dollars for a real reason…

I was working at the Future concert, talking to local artists and there was a guy from Houston, gladly handed me his nicely wrapped cd case, cover, and contact information for press in BREAD…

Afterwards he tried to basically get a donation, and at this point…my response”honey im working…tryna make a dollar outta 15 cents…so I ain’t got sh*t to give but a hard time, but i’ll listen to your cd and give it to my manager as well to review.”

I see him at the after party at Broadway Bar and he’s still holla’n at chicks, doin him and still hustlin his damn cd’s for what he says is “gas funds”…now the funny thing is a few people gave up some guap in between Backstage Live and Broadway Bar…

I get home the next day…and i’m talking to my manager Lux  Cash, we find out that there is NO CD, I REPEAT, NO CD!!! in all of that elaborate wrapped up paper. I would love to reveal his name…but all press is good press and BREAD aint makin u rich $$$$$$$$$$

But I bet you know this BLOG is about you, don’t you?!?

Never knock a hustle, but don’t get hustled!

Be Real Everyday And Deliver!

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Future VS 2Chainz… Im rockin wit da 2!

Everybody talked so much sh*t when Tity Boi aka 2 Chainz came and blessed the city…2 Chainz gave a whole 20 to 30 minute performance that was worth every painstaking moment standing outside for those who had to…plus dat bih was packed mo den a lil bit…I can say seeing him, made me forget about the security guys trying to mase people in line for trying to get in, being overly aggressive and whatever else uncomfortable things that could have gone on that night…it was worth EVERY MINUTE. (Despite the tragedy of shots being fired and life being taken, that was the only downfall to 2 chainz in S.A.  Future was a clean show on that aspect)

Future…Had no line…easy access, MAYYYYYYYYYBE 200 people…And actually made”racks, on racks on racks”..His management is kinda lame but anybody who can get demands met for a Debut artist top 10 on billboards at the age of 22…DO IT BIG!CHARGING $500 for meet and greets.. WELLLLLL I always say what wouldn’t happen in Atlanta, but that’s the typical attitude of a made nigga…and I can’t blame him…Money makes a whole hood nigga swag change. I bet KIRKWOOD is proud O_o

10 people fruit platter for $300 and barely didn’t even smash any of the food requested…The lifestyle of the rich and famous…(I can’t hate he’s been a Dungeon Fam’s 2nd Generation artist since 2003 and now EPIC signed artist with a 45 city tour in process.)

But all in all, it was a good “SHOW”, he’s an entertainer…he put on for the TONE…Thanks to DLP COLLECTIVE and TCLASS ENT…Dem Bois gettin money…Even though it could have been a bigger turn out, these guys did everything they could to make it happen…Y’all have another chance to support the city, stay tuned…these guys are actually getting together another concert lined up…

Special shoutsout to: Peddler Money Gang who opened up for Future, Pusha-T was cancelled, ( side eye they still have his name as the opening act for Pluto Tour… O_o )

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