Just ‘cause it look good, don’t mean it is! This has been going around Facebook for a few weeks now. Apparently there is a woman CLAIMING she has a DEADLY VIRUS and is being courted like a Queen, to be followed being Sexed like a hoe! This is for y’all Men and WOMEN too…smh STOP BEIN SO DAMN NASTY!


For the WOMEN!!!! – All it takes is some damn Roses? Go buy them your damn self!!!Learn to appreciate your “Juicebox” wit some value. Then you won’t be like ya gal runnin’ round tryna just contaminate the world…


FOR the MEN!!!!-ERRTHANG dat look good ain’t good. I would think some of y’all would know better by now! If she quick to let that nut drop up in her O_o  Who else den nutted?


This was just a lil 4-1-1…WATCH OUT for these Men/Women…You can sleep off idiot, you CANNOT get rid of HIV/AIDS or any VIRUS PERIOD.


BREADMAGAZINE’s REALBDOTCOM contact Via LuxCash247@gmail.com


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