Be Full…

“A full life…”

That was a post by Evelyn Lozada a few weeks ago. I’m glaring at a picture that contains a zesty turquoise background with a cup of what I conveyed as being life, poured full.

Your life consists of everything around you…Grab a deck, shuffle, and distribute. That’s the game of life and everybody gets dealt hands (some better hands than others).

Nonetheless we are dealt something…and it may not be the

greatest hand, but with every breath of life you breathe is a chance to change whatever it is that’s not keeping your life as full as it can be at all times. Happy people stay full!

Hell, fake it ’til u make it if you have to (people kill to see misery). I mean if trouble doesn’t last always anyways, then certainly smile ’til Joy comes in the morning!


RealBdotcom signing off with X’s and O’s