Pluto Tour

Screwston To San Antonio Hustlin…

Hustlers I SEE YA!!!!

Beware…If you are looking to help a hustle and give a hand out…make sure you are giving away your hard earned dollars for a real reason…

I was working at the Future concert, talking to local artists and there was a guy from Houston, gladly handed me his nicely wrapped cd case, cover, and contact information for press in BREAD…

Afterwards he tried to basically get a donation, and at this point…my response”honey im working…tryna make a dollar outta 15 cents…so I ain’t got sh*t to give but a hard time, but i’ll listen to your cd and give it to my manager as well to review.”

I see him at the after party at Broadway Bar and he’s still holla’n at chicks, doin him and still hustlin his damn cd’s for what he says is “gas funds”…now the funny thing is a few people gave up some guap in between Backstage Live and Broadway Bar…

I get home the next day…and i’m talking to my manager Lux  Cash, we find out that there is NO CD, I REPEAT, NO CD!!! in all of that elaborate wrapped up paper. I would love to reveal his name…but all press is good press and BREAD aint makin u rich $$$$$$$$$$

But I bet you know this BLOG is about you, don’t you?!?

Never knock a hustle, but don’t get hustled!

Be Real Everyday And Deliver!

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Future VS 2Chainz… Im rockin wit da 2!

Everybody talked so much sh*t when Tity Boi aka 2 Chainz came and blessed the city…2 Chainz gave a whole 20 to 30 minute performance that was worth every painstaking moment standing outside for those who had to…plus dat bih was packed mo den a lil bit…I can say seeing him, made me forget about the security guys trying to mase people in line for trying to get in, being overly aggressive and whatever else uncomfortable things that could have gone on that night…it was worth EVERY MINUTE. (Despite the tragedy of shots being fired and life being taken, that was the only downfall to 2 chainz in S.A.  Future was a clean show on that aspect)

Future…Had no line…easy access, MAYYYYYYYYYBE 200 people…And actually made”racks, on racks on racks”..His management is kinda lame but anybody who can get demands met for a Debut artist top 10 on billboards at the age of 22…DO IT BIG!CHARGING $500 for meet and greets.. WELLLLLL I always say what wouldn’t happen in Atlanta, but that’s the typical attitude of a made nigga…and I can’t blame him…Money makes a whole hood nigga swag change. I bet KIRKWOOD is proud O_o

10 people fruit platter for $300 and barely didn’t even smash any of the food requested…The lifestyle of the rich and famous…(I can’t hate he’s been a Dungeon Fam’s 2nd Generation artist since 2003 and now EPIC signed artist with a 45 city tour in process.)

But all in all, it was a good “SHOW”, he’s an entertainer…he put on for the TONE…Thanks to DLP COLLECTIVE and TCLASS ENT…Dem Bois gettin money…Even though it could have been a bigger turn out, these guys did everything they could to make it happen…Y’all have another chance to support the city, stay tuned…these guys are actually getting together another concert lined up…

Special shoutsout to: Peddler Money Gang who opened up for Future, Pusha-T was cancelled, ( side eye they still have his name as the opening act for Pluto Tour… O_o )

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the “FUTURE OF ATL” coming to San Antonio

Atlanta rapper, Future’s PLUTO tour officially starts in SAN ANTONIO, TX  05/23/2012 7pm. GET READY!!! I’m preparing you, if you haven’t already, get the lyrics down so you won’t be “that” friend who became a fan after Future comes in and shows out. #Support the music: “Ballin”, “Rainin’ Money”, “Street Life” w/ Wick-it the Instigator , and”In the Morning”, “Tony Montana” and also a hot feature with YC “Racks”

XXL coined his music as “futuristic drinking and drugging jams” and “tales of the grind.” Making the sound on the albums more like a “story” to the fans, he tells Mixtape Daily, “I just wanted to go in and paint the picture for the streets.” with innovative ideas and digital autotuning as an additive, it gives his sound that extra creative “ummmph”. I’m Spongebob REEEAAAADY for Wednesday the 23rd to come so he can perform.

Local artists are ENCOURAGED to proactively put the word out! #SUPPORT210. It’s a great way to network as well. Looking to open up for Future? All artists contact “CEO T CLASS”(713)-724-7073 for further details about paving your way to fame.

“I’m excited to have the honor of giving my fans the true Pluto live show experience. Turn-up never turn-down”, notes Future who has been described by the New York Times as “a rising titan”- headliner of the upcoming tour, with special guest artist Pusha T.—

If you’re from surrounding cities and areas feel free to take part in Future’s debut. For ticket or concert inquiries, please Contact “CEO T CLASS” by phone (713) 724-7073 via facebook, or online . For Future tour and information

Contact the Promoters: CEO T CLASS (713)724-7073 or DLP Collective

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Credits: pics ,; Interview: Mixtape Daily, XXL