I commend all of my single parents out there…this one’s for you!!! I love, respect and admire you. This is for my friend she is so amazing and her insight is beautiful. Take care of your kids, remember they will have to take care of you!

“I am tired of seeing fathers who think that paying child-support is there way of being a father and forget that it takes more than money. What about quality time, calling during the week, being there emotionally, mentally, physically, and not just financially?

Then you have the ones that are NOT there at all. Next you have the ones that think they don’t have to be there financially but want to see them physically whenever they see fit.

They don’t realize if you have three kids by three different mothers, something is wrong with that. Why not settle down and be monogamous so that their children can have a stable father in life instead of sharing time, or taking care of that one whose mother they are with at the time.

 Some women fit those categories too.There are some mothers that are so DESPERATE to find a man that they don’t even consider their kids emotional, mental, and physical stability. They sacrifice the childs HAPPINESS for their own happiness. There are women who don’t even use the child-support for the purpose of the child. For example, the mother is always dressed fly but her kids always looking a hot mess. I don’t care what I look like, but my boys are always going to look just as good if not better than me. They  really don’t realize that their children are a representation of who they are, and what type of mother they are.”

Thank you to my special friend. I appreciate you for allowing me to broadcast your life. 🙂

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