LE$ Broadway Bar June 29th, 2012

San Antonio,  Houston’s own LE$ (pronounced LESS) The Boss Hogg Outlawz representative (FOR those who don’t know…GET CHA MIND RIGHT….BOSS HOGG OUTLAWZ are a hip-hop collective from Houston, Texas formed and led by Slim Thug. The collective also includes C. Ward, J-Dawg, Killa Kyleon, Sir Daily, Young Black and PJ. #SALUTE)
Don’t let the sound of his name fool you, he’s all about the “more”.



Settle 4 Le$ Vol. 2, is said to have u wanting to give him his props, acknowledge his progress. With plans to initiate the tour in HOUSTON, he will be following that with “BLESSINGS” to the Tone once again brought to you by TCLASS ENT!

Its that time Le$ is going on his first Texas Headlining Tour!! He will be here June 29th, 2012 so get ready Broadway Bar is the place and we need to #Support210!

With respects from the likes of Killa Kyleon and Paul Wall, and of course the whole Boss hogg Outlawz alliance, just to name a few Houston heavy hitters…this is an up and coming artist that is shining this year!

Has “Shut It Down” been getting any radio play out in Houston, or are the Satellite Radio DJs fucking with you at all?

I don’t know about Satellite, but down here we working it. They just doing some transitions down here with the program director and everything, but they’re definitely about to start playing it soon. They’re pushing us for the radio here, 97.9.–quoted from an interview

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Money can’t buy love, but it can afford a happy lifestyle. I totally believe that you can buy your happiness, but first you have to have the resources to be “Want” and “Need” proficient. How does your savings look?

“Laissez-faire ” the practice or doctrine of noninterference in the affairs of others, especially with reference to individual conduct or freedom of action. (

More than just a term used in History, It’s also a way of life that we should adapt to when it comes to money. I feel as if we would be happier if we took care of our needs FIRST and then satisfied our wants NEXT.

Be honest with yourself, how many times have you been in a predicament where you just have to have something, no matter the cost? We’re Americans…(we’re so spoiled) We want it when we want it, how we want it, all just to worry about the aftermath of in a latter event.

I have a hustle mentality and work tactic of slaving in overtime, but the “OUTCOME” of “INCOME” is so beautiful to me. If i have an overflow of overtime, that means that I EXCEEDED my regular hours…that means I HAVE MORE MONEY TO DO WHAT I WANT AND NEED…at the SAME time….so, for instance iBLOG, iWRITE… but in order for me to afford the “luxury” of building RealBdotcom… that’s where the “iWORK” comes into place.

It’s  euphoria to have your wants satisfied while your needs are met, but nothing is fun about stressing on how the rent will get paid if you’re one of the ones updating your “fresh swag”, smoking like 2 chainz, (extensions), or buying the newest next hottest thing on the market.  Money can make us happy if we spend it on the right things first.

Stay away from being a materialistic being. You can’t take any of those with you to Heaven (if that’s your goal)

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AT first I was suprised by that beautiful little picture in my update from several people subscribed to Lauren Londons Facebook page. I’m like Kudos though…15 hours later, I get an email and inbox to go check a friends Facebook update because Trey Songz and Lauren London are beefing publicly (EYEBROW RAISE..) We just found out y’all were a couple though…If you want to peep the mess here are a few clips below via screenshot. Or you can Go subscribe to Lauren London’s Page or Trey Songz (Tremaine Neverson). It appeared that the beef started about 14 hours ago and has since died down, but the screen shots are below!!! O_o Publicity stunt or is this really real? They are human after all just like we  are… but rumor has it, this may have been in regards to YMCMB’s own Shanell SNL (Side eye) hmmm well…Say it aint So…but, I can say right now, I bet the neighbors DON’T know his name right now, from Lauren London’s suburb!!!


He/She Smashed the Homies…

Urban dictionary “correct definition” is:
When a person in a relationship (open or exclusive) finds out their partner has slept (had sex) with their friend/associate, prior to the relationship’s existence.

You meet someone, y’all vibe, connect and expand on another level, just to find out somebody had a piece of the pie you want to fully consume?! It happens so much, and I did remember briefly “For the Love of Ray J”, the beginning of this “Smash the Homie” pandemonium. He had two instances where two women slept with one of his close friends. .Reality is, there is too much time in the world to build towards getting over who your lover smashed. Why be worried about what happened before you “clocked” your time in with your boo. That’s all it is…a PRIOR technicality, or “foul” in the game of life.It doesn’t mean it’s completely over, it is a small hiccup that requirea you be a grown individual. “IT” happens, get over yourself. If you’re not the Virgin Mary herself, you’re bound to sleep with someone or be with someone through an extension of someone you know, knew or heard of! Real T.

I’m not saying to partake in a big orgy fest and expect it and accept it, but it’s probably common that it’s occurred at least once in a lifetime. Getting to know people and dating are not on my tasks of easy to do’s, but it can be done if there is, men probably handle this better than women. Majority  of women  tend not to judge you on your past. We trust in our ability to enhance a man through a relationship, or “Upgrade U”. That basically means you don’t need anybody or anything further (she accepted your “smash the homie” and is holding you down, what more do you need?). Most men  more than likely will test women until they get to a point where they can trust her, especially if she was the homie smasher.

I don’t believe that who you slept with before who you fell in love with will determine if your relationship will last.You have no control over who you meet and sleep with, and if anybody is at fault, it would be coincidence. I don’t like the idea of conforming to society for their idea of happiness.  Live your life… and if you can’t, check out my previous post  it gives you insight on how to worry about you.


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Communication is Key, Love is the Door (Open up)

“Had we made the official marriage commitment, we wouldn’t still be together. The reason the relationship works is that we get to define it on our terms. It would be very different if we were in a ‘traditional’ relationship where I was expected to be a wife and every now and then cook a meal!”-Oprah Winfrey on Stedman

Sometimes I get confused by the newfound era “open” relationships that are spiraling as time continues. The traditional word relationship has no value in today’s society. “My Girl Gotta
Girlfriend” and “Boyfriend #2” are examples of just how meaningless a title is.

I have been in pretty much every position that a woman can play at this point in my life with a man (with the exception of a ring wearing wife.) I can agree that the need for the title is on a decline. I personally feel as if titles are to show off…I’m not an entertainer! Personal life should stay personal. As long as you and your companion have a thorough understanding of what is going on between the two, then that’s all that matters.

First impressions are lasting impressions. If I meet a guy, and I tell him that I’m not interested in pursuing anything relationship wise, but end up having a casual relationship, how can I get upset when he thinks that we are just that? Ms. Cleo, is fake, no psychic mind reading. #Communication is key. Fact of the matter is, a relationship, whether it is a marriage, casual friendship, open relationship, or just the beginner phase of “talking”… it all needs
COMMUNICATION! This will be a deciding factor of what’s next. Will you
ever truly know someone? I’ve always believed that people will show
you the “representative” of who they want you to see.

 I heard this somewhere which I thought was interesting. You can love and be loved, but you have to accept that some people are just made for moments and not lifetimes. Maybe you didn’t know “How to Love”, or maybe you didn’t know that you could be of inspiration in someone
else’s life for example.  Maybe the relationship you’re pushing for isn’t equal to the person you are matching that title or expectation up to.(Which brings me back to COMMUNICATION…it’s the key to making sure you don’t look like an idiot assuming)


My favorite now, day in age celebrity couple who now publicly acknowledge their relationship (which is still private and completely at their discretion what they choose to have the media view…&& I LOVE IT!!! #BOSS) states that  “We decide everything,” she told the magazine. “My word is my word. What Jay and I have is real. It’s not about interviews or getting the right photo op. It’s real.”

Sometimes titles do create a bit of a possession or territorial field. You’re now required to check in, call, text, NOT have your cake and eat it too…etc. Things some people have an issue giving up. But if you do, you’re fully relying on the faith of Love, which means you trust someone not to hurt you. It’s a give/give up situation. You “give” up single life habits for love and “give up” the thought of hurt for the love of trust.


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Be Full…

“A full life…”

That was a post by Evelyn Lozada a few weeks ago. I’m glaring at a picture that contains a zesty turquoise background with a cup of what I conveyed as being life, poured full.

Your life consists of everything around you…Grab a deck, shuffle, and distribute. That’s the game of life and everybody gets dealt hands (some better hands than others).

Nonetheless we are dealt something…and it may not be the

greatest hand, but with every breath of life you breathe is a chance to change whatever it is that’s not keeping your life as full as it can be at all times. Happy people stay full!

Hell, fake it ’til u make it if you have to (people kill to see misery). I mean if trouble doesn’t last always anyways, then certainly smile ’til Joy comes in the morning!


RealBdotcom signing off with X’s and O’s